eBay describes its purpose as explorer of new communities around the world built on commerce, assisted by trust and motivated by opportunity. eBay has undergone drastic changes over the years. At the end of 2017, eBay had 168 million, 12-month active buyers, an increase from 90 million active in 2010. Nearby two thirds of transactions are now international. As a note, this article will further highlight the importance of using an eBay proxy while administering through that platform.

In any business data has an important place, data allows us to track competitor prices, search various products, buyers and seller information. It is time consuming work, manually, but scraping allows you to quickly track and gather information. Consistency and accuracy are benefits or using scraping software.

Why People Are Scraping eBay?

People scrape eBay data for various reasons:

  •     Category and pricing – categorizing in categories like favourites, best-sellers, stock availability etc.
  •     Ratings – from highest to lowest
  •     Seller details – information regarding seller (mostly for contact purposes)
  •     Customer reviews – showing products with best reviews
  •     Quantity – products which are the most available in stock
  •     Wish-list – reviewing status change on the products one is interested
  •     Shipping details – showing products with least shipping expenses and most shipping destinations
  •     Sales ranks – ranked according to most sold products
  •     Best sellers – most sold products
  •     Competitive analysis – shows highest bidders
  •     Winning pricing strategy – how to overthrow other competitors at bidding
  •     Manufacturing details

And much more which are useful to expand ones business.

Why They Need Such Information


To quickly track and gather data from other competitors, and to offer better deals for the customers in the future.


To find the best deal and gather required data in an efficient and a faster way.

Why Are eBay Proxies Used?

EBay doesn’t authorize web scraping and also bans accounts found using this software. That’s where eBay proxy becomes essential as it conceals your identity by hiding your IP address, making it impossible for eBay to recognize you, thus the threat of getting banned is also removed.

How Are eBay Proxies Used on a Software?

Some software like Beautiful Soap 4, which is python, require you to add code to the software, whereas in other such as Scrapebox, you can import a list of proxies that you can use on that software. Moreover, one should opt for high-quality proxy as it is secure, fast(as you are the sole user), zero ads and spam, no back-ups and wastage of time unlike free proxies, as they operate on public servers, thus providing risky and slow services with pop-ups and ads.

eBay Scraping Software that Support Proxy Usage

  •     Scrapebox

The superiority of SEO tool of scrap box is a great option to boost the SEO effectiveness, in doing so increased visibility can promote more sales.

  •     Beautiful Soap 4

Even though to use this software, one needs to have coding knowledge, but it is a straightforward process which once completed is great for any tech-savvy consumer or eBay seller.

This eBay scraper tool is only available for windows and NET Framework operating systems.