Scraping the internet is not a very welcome thing. Of course, no one wants to give away information on their websites to anyone. Hence, popular websites like Craigslist, Amazon, etc. are strictly against scraping.

If they find anyone doing it, they can take legal actions, or blacklist the IP address being used. If we are a small and medium business owner, we don’t want to make one of our precious hardware useless for us. Hence, proxies are really important for a successful internet scraping process. 

Why Do We Need To Do Scraping In The First Place?

Web scraping is done for a variety of purposes, in which you need data of so many different entities. Suppose, we want to start a local e-commerce business, and want to create a product catalog, categories, description, and whatnot. 

It would be easier to copy the same data from somewhere else, and just pasting it in our application. We can take the product details of even millions of products on Amazon, through even a sensible web scraping tool present on the internet.

Effective Web Scraping Through Proxies

We can gather data about thousands of prospects from websites like yellow pages, Craigslist, etc. Hence, scraping can provide us a large amount of detailed and valuable data from credible sources, secretly.

I don’t want to go further into the legalities. If you don’t want to scrape, then don’t do it. Wise choice. But if you want to, I can tell you how to do it efficiently. 

Scraping with Proxies

For a successful scraping process, we need to be anonymous. We need to send multiple requests from different directions. If a single IP address bombards their servers with thousands of requests in a minute, they will simply block and ignore it.

Hence, we need to be discreet. A network of rotating IPs or proxies can do the job here for us. Private proxies for scrapers are like a boon. Without them how hard it must have been to scrape data without getting caught.

Private Proxy for Scraping

When we start a scraping tool, the process usually lasts for hours. Now we need proxies, but we cannot afford to interrupt the scraping process with issues like network failure. There is no need to scrape everything in a single shot, our plans should be more structured, short-short sprints of scraping. 

In any case, we need to make sure that the scraping schedule should run on our terms, not on the terms of some free proxy service provider. Hence, for a complex and fruitful activity like scraping the best choice is private proxies, that too rotating.

Recommendations for Private Proxy

We can buy them on a subscription basis, there are so many service providers in the market. Also, if you are really serious about it, I would suggest a simple web scraping tool which can be tuned with proxy configuration.

There are no best proxies for scraping. A dedicated proxy server for web scraping, along with a network of similar scraping proxy servers, can be used through rotating proxy, to create the best way to do web scraping.

We can buy from any service provider on the basis of reviews, or some other parameters. Whatever they are, the important thing is that it should be rotating. Generally, this can be done using another server, who will distribute the load in patterns, and send across. We used to call it ‘load balancer’ in my IT days.

The key is to do it quickly and effectively. In short sprints and boom, we are gone. Never use those proxies for the next 6 months for the same site. We can always change the patterns. 

Compatible Private Proxy for Scraping Data

Data is very valuable nowadays. People have so many ideas and there is so much data available to test those ideas. Analytics is booming, suddenly we are seeing a huge surge in analysts, in marketing functions.

Data is driving the change, and we are just enjoying and loving it. Hence, as the need to scrape data increase, so does the resistance by the scraping targets websites. Hence, whenever we plan to do web scraping, proxies are our best friends.

Let’s look at some of the benefits.


As this is the key for web scraping, I think we have already discussed this above, that how anonymity can help us to dodge the detection.


The speed in the scraping process also matters a lot. With slow speed, even a 10K data scraping process can take hours. This is a waste of resources because we are running our system on electricity.

Hence, we really need fast proxies to keep the network fast and effective. With dedicated servers, we can complete the process fast and get done with it.


This is also a great aspect of proxies; they create a fence around our IP addresses. All systems that are connected in the internal network of the organization can stay away from the outward-facing website of that business.

Even if there is something wrong, no resource from our organization will get blacklisted, it would be just a proxy, and we can buy and sell so many.  

Benefits of Using Private Proxy Servers

We should always keep a proxy server with us, and whenever we want to be anonymous while on the internet, we can use them. But for now, go for private rotating scraping proxies, and a decent web scraping tool.

The future is going deeper into digital, we have safe houses in the physical world, if we can, why can’t we have digitally safe houses as well? 

Proxies will act as digital safe houses for businesses. A random server in some data center holding all the precious data, but its configuration and address are only known to the CEO. Like button triggered nuclear missiles, nobody knows but few where they are, and the president holds the key to it.

Keep covering your path, when it needs to be covered.