Amazon is doing wonders across the E-commerce retail ecosystem. Day by Day they are expanding and making people happy with their efficient logistical infrastructure. Amazon marketplace is growing exponentially, with the addition of new products from different dealers along with Amazon’s own home brands.

For businesses, this marketplace contains not only the opportunity to sell their products, but also, they can gain lots of insights about their customers, competition, and their own business performance. There is a large pool of information available containing data about millions of products on Amazon, along with their features, reviews, prices, and a lot more information. 

Now, if we know that Amazon has lots of data about market trends, products, and customers. What should we do?

Isn’t it great to use that data to extract our own success formula for our business? Yes, it is.

Amazon Scraper Tool

Hence, scraper tools come into the picture. We can extract data about millions of products on Amazon using these Amazon scraper tools, and not only an umbrella scraping but even if we want to get data about an exclusive category of products, it can be done very easily.

Scraping tools help us to extract lots and lots of information from the Amazon market. And, we can process this data through some analytical tools and gain precious insights about anything we want to know.

 But unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t like to be scraped. And, they also know that thousands of people are actually scraping Amazon every day. Hence, they always track these scraping attempts, and if they find anything suspicious, they just ban the IP address.

The simple reason behind this is that the data is the intellectual property of Amazon. It is like you are stealing oil from a Saudi Oil Well, do you think they will appreciate such notorious expedition?

Luckily, Amazon is open for small scale scraping for one or a couple of products, but a large amount of data with lucrative business impact getting scraped from them is painful for them. Hence, if we want to scrape Amazon, we definitely need proxies before anything else.

What Can We Scrape From Amazon?

 Well, the honest answer to this question is, anything. But, for only commercial purposes, we don’t have to break any cyber law and hack them. Amazon is a great, nice bunch of people doing some nice work, delivering happiness to millions of doors every day.

This is also the reason why Amazon is doing great all across the globe. Now, coming back to the purpose, there are so many things we can scrape from Amazon, starting from your best sellers to worst sellers. In products, we can get their price, their description, the dealers who are selling that particular product and the address of those product dealers. The above work can be done for both competition and our own product.

We can take out ratings of products across multiple related categories, and identify the market leader and the specification of their products. Also, customer reviews are the most important part of product success in the Amazon marketplace.

Scrape Amazon Reviews

Hence, it is a great idea to scrape Amazon reviews, doesn’t matter how flashy that product is in the physical world, through mass media advertisement, its true performance report card can be seen on the Amazon reviews for that product.

For our own product, we can accumulate information by using the word cloud techniques and look into some keywords who are used for our product the most. Word cloud is so simple, yet to an efficient way to analyze text data.

These inferences can completely revolutionize our outlook towards the market, trends and correlation we never even imagined will come straight in front of our eyes. We can make our business decisions on the basis of these insights, which can result in prosperous results for sure.

How To Processed Scraped Amazon Data?

Now, if we can really take out so many things from Amazon, the question is, how can we do it efficiently? There are so many things we need in order to complete the whole project. We need Amazon scraping tools, fast computing power, so much memory, and an awesomely fast internet network.

Now, luckily, we can buy a lot of above-mentioned things, but internet speed is something hard to be consistent with, it often goes away. And, a network failure in between the scraping process can ruin so many good things for us.

Now, here proxies come handy. Proxies are great for any internet network, they are fast, secure, and efficient. 

Benefits Of Scraping Amazon With Proxies

Avoid getting blocked

The biggest benefit of using proxies is to avoid resistance from Amazon. As I said, Amazon doesn’t like to be scraped. And, if we are planning to take a considerable amount of data from Amazon, we need to hit their website, again and again, speedily.

Our bot can crawl till we want it to, but if Amazon spotted any single IP address sending a lot of scraping requests, they are inclined to block it. A successful scraping process runs through hundreds of threads and multiple loops.

Rotating proxies can help us to stay away from the spotlight and keep doing our work. For 1M product data, we need proxies up to 500. Though we can try with some fewer numbers too, lesser the proxy numbers, higher the risk of getting spotted. The scraping process works for hours, without proxies it is impossible to stay hidden and hit Amazon website with thousands of requests.

Also, multiple proxy routes can help in avoiding queues of requests in the network. Not only will it waste our precious time, every time we face network delays, we are wasting our resources such as electricity and processing power to keep our hardware working, but we would be heavily under capitalizing our resources.

Wastage is a leakage of profits for us, better to avoid.

Fast Scraping Speed

Speed is the key because it saves time. And, time is the most precious commodity we have. In modern history, time is equal to money. Faster our scraping tool, earlier we can get our data ready to be analyzed.

Because there are so many things we need to do, when we get the data with us, there are so many permutations and combinations, and painful statistical analysis, and don’t forget the time you will need to actually bring that data into an understandable form.

Hence, speed is very crucial, the retail market is changing every day, and what drives what in the digital world can only be found through data of the digital ecosystem. Hence, using proxies can save you a lot of money.

Imagine, you got late to identify that the Black Matte color of some mobile phone is selling more in a particular geography. When you reached the market, it was already saturated. Painful right?

The key to success is reaching the customer first, before anyone else. Faster we can scrape data, swifter we draw inferences from it, better it is for our profits. And, proxies can give you such speed.

More Memory For The Data

If you are looking for an Amazon data scraper, you are looking for tons of data. Even the process to scrape Amazon reviews is accompanied by a large chunk of data to process. Hence, you need memory, lots of it. That is too fast memory. 

Fast memory is simply a drive that can give us read access and write itself swiftly. Look at this buy imagining pen drive and our cache memory. You can identify the difference in the speed of fetching data from the above-mentioned storage devices.

The faster our database is, the better memory cards we have in our server or whatever secondary storage we are using, the more efficient would be the scraping process. The proxy servers can also provide you instant memory space, which can make the Amazon scraping process really efficient.

Proxies With The Right Amazon ASIN Scraper

Yes, we need internet and proxies, but one of the most crucial players of this data scraping project is our data scraper tool. We need to be fast, reliable, and easy to manage. Because we need everything, we want an awesome Amazon ASIN, data, reviews scraper.

All we want to give an URL of a particular page, and as the output, we want a perfectly aligned and sorted data, and all we want to get on with our analysis. In the future, the scraper tools will also start providing reports by auto analyzing the data.

Of course, we have to provide them parameters we want them to analyze on, but when these Amazon scrapers will get equipped from artificial intelligence and machine learning, they will start identifying hidden trends.

If we can identify the hidden trends regarding the data we have, it can be a game-changer for our business success. But, till that time, we can concentrate on other important aspects of data scraper tools. We need our scraper to fast, fast in connecting to the network, and faster in scraping and storing the data. More than that, we need an Amazon data scraper, which can enable us to connect to multiple proxies and do the scraping process.

Scrape Amazon Speedily Using Proxies

Being available on multiple proxy servers is the only way we can scrape a large chunk of data, especially from websites like Amazon, Craig’s list, etc. They are very vigilant in identifying the scraping attempts and completely block those IP addresses.

Now, why they do it is already talked about earlier in this article. But how they do it is a more important question. They continuously look for frequent requests from any particular IP address, for an e-commerce market place like Amazon, it is very easy to identify which IP address or machine hit them the most.

By using multiple proxies, we can appear to be coming from multiple directions and will get lost in millions of other requests Amazon’s servers are receiving every day. Rotating proxies are best in doing this.

Now, when we think about using a proxy, we need to carefully examine the type of proxies who are available in the market, and how they can assist or demolish us in their own ways.

Type of Proxies

Proxies are only of three types, from a business perspective. Either they are free, limited shared, or completely dedicated ones. All of these proxies fulfill the basic purpose of re-routing our data from different locations, but if we go deep down, the key hides in the details.

Free Amazon Proxies

Free proxies are free, that’s great. And, it is awesome to see some steamy content, it is banned in our country. We can anonymously search for anything for a short while and say bye-bye in a while.

But, for a business perspective, who always wants to be open and working, free proxies are a big no. They are slow and shared, and not to miss unsecured. Proxies are provided through servers, who runs on electricity and internet network

Now, if both electricity and internet networks are not free, how can they provide us the free service? The simple answer is advertisement revenue. And, the key to an advertisement is larger reach. Hence, as a free proxy service provider, we want more and more people to share my hardware.

Sharing hardware is also present in paid shared proxies but by a small number of people. But now the question is who all are other people who are sharing the same proxy, and most importantly what are they doing out there? We all are not noblemen here, are we? Hence, for serious business implications, they can also be dangerous.

Private Amazon Proxies

Dedicated private proxies are really cool. They are fast, secure and efficient. For serious business needs, private proxies are the ones.

There is so much happening out there in the world, and who is better to tell us more, other than the mighty Amazon? Scrape all you want and grow,